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Worlds.Com is a site and MMORPG created during the mid-nineties, based around the idea that players could build their own sections of the site using a tool named 'Shaper'. For the time in which it was created, the site was ground-breaking. It had a large influx of visitors who visited the site and rapidly begun expanding it, building their own 'worlds'.

Businesses utilised the site, placing advertisements within worlds and some even making their own. The site became a favourite amongst musicians who came and set up their own worlds, and with them brought their fans.

But after time, the initial novelty of the site wore off and players begun leaving en masse. As the players begun leaving, the site lost its value to businesses, and so they left the site too, catalysing the exodus of players. Other sites which had been set up, such as Second Life or World of Warcraft now held more appeal to players. As the site lost players and then money, the site's final attempt to remain frequented was to sue Second Life and World of Warcraft.

Worlds obviously lost the lawsuit and this took the last of its money, unable to advertise itself further, the site became practically deserted since the early 2000's. The players who migrated left behind an endless realm of unfinished worlds. Some of these worlds are pleasant enough, but a strange uncanniness is omnipresent throughout all the worlds and some are, for whatever reason, downright unsettling.

This quality grabbed the attention of 4chans paranormal board, /x/. In 2011, threads about the site were made on /x/ and a group of /x/philes begun '/x/ploring' the site. The site became slightly more active, today, people are still exploring the site, looking for strangeness. This site was created so that people could document what they find on the site.

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