Ground zero outside

Outside view of "Ground Zero"

Ground Zero is the default home location for all players. Titled "Home" on the right-corner menu, Ground Zero is a small bunker-type building surrounded by an unusually large stretch of desert. Here, players may interact with other players who have just logged in, or may just "hang around" for casual conversation. Leading out of the bunker is a long, paved road, ending at a single wooden gate.

Ground Zero's bunker leads directly to the Auditorium, the Avatar Gallery, and the DCN World. The walls and entrance are composed of one-way glass, allowing those inside to view the outside desert area.
Ground zero inside

Interior view of Ground Zero's Bunker

In the center of the bunker is a rotating, pagoda-shaped banner displaying links to information about WorldsPlayer.

Some people like to make their own groundzeroes, one groundzero to note is Jimbly's groundzero, it's appearance is a beach, and it is used for people to transport to other worlds